lcfg-xen 0.99.6

The new version of the lcfg-xen component for LCFG is now released: 0.99.6. There have been a number of improvements, fixed bugs and additional functions added. All the changes are displayed bellow as recorded in the ChangeLog file:

* New resource added – partition. It defines the root partition id of the disk image to be cloned (e.g. 3).
* Creating different diks entries for HVM and PARAVM systems. PARAVM should use Xen’s blktp driver to handle the file-based virtual block device (VBD).
* Fixed bug that would create a list of different disk images but all with the same hardware identification (e.g. hda). Each disk image will now be given its corresponding letter from the English alphabet.
* Replacing dd with qemu-img when creating the initial disk image for a guest.
* New resources added – onpoweroff, onreboot, oncrash, boot, sdl, acpi, apic, pae, localtime, vnc, vncused, vncdisplay, serial. onpoweroff, onreboot, oncrash are valid for both HVM and PRAVM guests. The rest are valid only for HVM guests. This fixed bug with Bugzilla ID 118.
* cdpath resource assumed that the disk used as CD-ROM was an ISO image. New resource added ‘cdtype’ to define the type of the CD/DVD-ROM, image or physical. This fixes bug with Bugzilla ID 119.
* Support for setting the memory and VCPU for a paravirtualised guest on-the-fly.
* Support for creating multiple bridge network interfaces.
* Support for cloning an LCFG disk image, editing and configuring it automatically according to its profile
* New function for creating a new guest from an existing image (cloning).
* Manages /etc/sysconfig/xend. All settings are editable via resources.
* Manages /etc/sysconfig/xendomains. All settings are editable via resources.
* Manages /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp. All settings are editable via resources.
* New resource for specifying the type of the virtual machine. It can be either HVM of PARAVM.
* New resource for specifying Xen network configuration. Bridge, NAT or route. By default, the BRIDGE interface(s) will be brought up.
* New resource for specifying network configuration per virtual machine. Bridge still has the same resources. NAT and route need a private IP definition. Default definition is bridge. All network resources must be set for a virtual machine to enable network connectivity. The network type for a virtual machine will  be checked against the configuration of the Xen host. If it is different the user will be informed. The default configuration gets both host and guest on bridged network.
* New resource for specifying the physical CPU affinity of the VCPUs.
* A bit of housekeeping has been to the code. Long functions broken down to smaller ones.

RPM: lcfg-xen-0.99.6-1.noarch.rpm
SRC RPM: lcfg-xen-0.99.6-1.src.rpm
Schema file RPM: lcfg-xen-defaults-s1-0.99.6-1.noarch.rpm


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