lcfg-xen 0.99.9

New release of the component. Copying from ChangeLog;

* Adding some daemon checking on the configure method in order to reload the xend daemon when needed.
* Introducing new method, ‘ConfHostResources’ to solve minor issue on configuring host’s configuration files and resources while restaring the component.
* The Restart() method removed. On ‘om xen restart’, the execution order is: Stop() – Configure() – Start()
* The cloning method will clone the specified template only for the first disk image that is specified in the disk list. That fixes bug #153. Man page updated as well.
* New resource is introduced to help with erasing a virtual machine. The ‘erase’ resource corresponds to every single virtual machine defined in the physical hosts’s profile and if set to ‘yes’ or ‘true’ it will erase the Xen configuration file for that guest as well as all hte disk images.
* Adding more info for the ‘profileurl’ resource.

RPM: lcfg-xen-0.99.9-1.noarch.rpm
SRPM: lcfg-xen-0.99.9-1.src.rpm
Defaults schema file: lcfg-xen-defaults-s1-0.99.9-1.noarch.rpm lcfg-xen-defaults-s1-0.99.10-1.noarch.rpm


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