lcfg-xen and lcfg-libvirt updates

I have spent some time the last couple of weeks doing some corrections on lcfg-xen and finalising the first release of lcfg-libvirt. Changelog notes follow. New lcfg-xen release and the first lcfg-libvirt release should happen within a couple of weeks or so. Source can be accessed via Web SVN. You’ll need Informatics iFriend account to access it.


* Correcting typo in example in the man page that causes conflict when applied in a machine’s profile.
* Code added for powering off all the guests in case they are still on when the physical hosts reboots or is being powered off and the ‘contorldomains’ resource is set to ‘no’.


* Check added when the BootVM() and ShutVM() methods are called. Each method will determine if a guest is powered on or powered off and will act accordingly.
* Runlevel check added. Only when runlevel issued is ‘0’ or ‘6’ the ShutVM() method will be called for powering off the guests.
* Information for resources added in man page.
* New resource added, ‘logfilter’, for filter logging.
* New list of resources for defining storage pools.
* New method added, ‘ConfStoragePools’, for adding and configuring storage pools – still in development and is not yet functional.


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