Considerations and implications of virtualisation

The last couple of years I have been partly looking into coherent management of virtual machines and their integration within an existing managed infrastructure. I have tried to outline the issues, complications etc on a number of posters [1] [2] (based on tools that have been/are being developed) and also through a paper [3]. A couple of days ago, I read the very interesting article of Evangelos Kotsovinos, “Virtualisation: Blessing or Curse?” on ACM Queue, which recaps all the main considerations and implications when comes to deploy virtualised services in large scale. Anyone interested in large scale system administration that involves virtualisation management should read it. The article is trying to seriously outline the importance and complexity of managing not only the “inside” of virtual machines, but their “outside” as well and their integration with a pre-existing, established and well-functioned infrastructure with thousands of systems under a cloud computing scope.

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