Simple and very basic PBS/Torque emulator

PBS (Portable Batch System) is one of the common batch systems used across clusters. Unfortunately, proprietary piece of software. There used to be an open source version, OpenPBS which has been forked to Torque. Torque can be installed and configured to perform the basic operations within 15-20 minutes. Although, for evaluation purposes, I have wrote a *very simple* emulator for PBS/Torque. All it provides is three scripts:

qsub -> submitting a job
qstat -> displaying job list
qdel -> removing job(s)

A virtual job can be submitted, without need of proper PBS or Torque-like submission script and other parameters. The parameters each script is accepting are:

qsub – single virtual job: qsub test
– qstat – either username to list jobs of a user or none to list all jobs: qstat foobar
– qdel – single or list of job IDs to remove: qdel 1234 5678

Download: pbs-emu-0.1.tar.gz

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